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Brighthouse, Palm Bay
        M.E. Construction
CCM Children's Ministry Building
        Welsh Construction
City Hall, Palm Bay
        Certified General
Viera Health Park - 2011
        Doug Wilson Enterprises Inc.
City of Rockledge Police Dept.
        W & J Construction
        Cleveland Construction
City of Edgewater Fire Dept.#55
        Pat Cook Construction, Inc.
FIT Parking lot
        MH Williams Construction Group Inc.
Bluepoints Marina
        W & J Construction
Brisas Del Mar
        W & J Construction
Marina Club House
        Welsh Construction
Brevard County Parks & Rec
        Canaveral Construction
Archive Building/Tag Facility
        AD Morgan
One Senior Place
        W & J Construction
Cocoa Beach Self Storage
        Welsh Construction

Leo’s Concrete is a strong supporter of W & J Construction. His hard work and dedication ensures that we always receive a quality product. He is a man if integrity and you can count on his word.
Erik Costin
W & J Construction Corporation
We at Suncastles have been using Leo's concrete for years, and we are more than satisfied with their services in terms of prices, quality of work, and services. Indeed, Leo's concrete has been one of our best subcontractors in our 28 years of business, if not the best. This long term relationship has been leading to the most reliable business and friendly relationship.
Thierry Beuzelin
Management, Suncastles,Inc.
We have been working with Leo’s Concrete for many years. When we have a project, we know that he will respond quickly to help us get our project completed on time. We are confident that we can count on Leo to deliver a quality job without any problems.
Phil Welsh
Project Manager
We have been working with Leo’s Concrete for the past 28 years. Working with Leo’s Concrete is a contractor's dream come true. They have the best manpower and prices, accompanied by very high ethics. Leo can always be trusted complete our most complicated projects on time without a problem.
Tony Zizzo
Anthony Zizzo General Contracting Inc.
Tiffany Homes has been working with Leo’s Concrete since 1979. He has always proven to be very dependable and professional. We always use Leo's Concrete because we have great confidence that we will receive fair pricing and great customer service. We can be assured that we will get a problem free, high quality job, done on time, within budget and without problem.
Lon Ackerman
Tiffany Homes

From coming out of the ground to laying all of the block work for the walls, Leo’s Concrete has been really great to work with.  The foundation went in without a hitch and the concrete work was done professionally.  Leo’s Concrete answered every call we asked them to make.  Overall, Leo’s Concrete made my job much easier!

Welsh Construction

Leo's Concrete employs highly qualified supervisors and superintendants.
They have kept our job on time and under budget. The quality of their work
cannot be beat. They know how to get thejob done right!
Adam Broadway
Project Manager
Certified General Contractors
Leo's has provided the superior service in this age of Johnny come lately contractors. Leo's made a commitment to the Walmart Project and followed it through to the end. When more man power was needed , they stepped up and delivered. Walmarts are very structurally intensive and attention to detail is a must. John, the Forman, did an exceptional job in following the plans and specifications. I'm very pleased with the effort that Leo's Concrete has made to keep this project moving.
Supt. Dan Cathcart
Cleveland Construction
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